TriState LNG, LLC will be the first facility of its kind in the Marcellus and Utica Shale region.

Dedicated to non-utility customers

Providing an environmentally sound, cost-effective, alternative for industrial fuel use.

Primarily serving the Oil & Gas Industry

TriState LNG brings an economical and reliable, alternative fuel solution to the region’s leading energy producers.

Secondarily supporting the Transportation and other industries

Turn key alternative fuel solutions across the LNG Supply Chain.




What is LNG?

LNG is natural gas, that has been converted from a gaseous form to a liquid form.

Why LNG?

Liquid Natural Gas takes up less volume than natural gas in a vaporous form, allowing for easy transportation and storage. LNG is roughly 1/1600th of the volume of vaporous natural gas. This creates ease across the entire supply chain.

Where is LNG used?

LNG is used in many of the same places as vaporous natural gas as a fuel source. LNG is mainly used in areas where assets are stranded in remote locations. Pipeline natural gas cannot be economically piped to these stranded assets, as the average cost per mile of pipeline is $1,000,000.00! LNG is an economically viable option to vaporous natural gas.