Shanna Mota

Shanna Mota, CNC

Marketing and Social Media Consultant

Shanna Mota has worked in the health field for over 7 years, with experience in both western medicine and naturopathic medicine. She found her passion for nutrition when she suffered from adult onset acne about 4 years ago. After the western medicine route failed her, she turned to Dr. Noel for help. After 30 days of following the prescribed Paleo Diet, Shanna’s acne improved 90%.

She was so inspired by her results that she decided to begin a career in nutrition. She is now certified as a Holistic Nutritionist and as a Yoga Teacher. Shanna’s dream is to impact as many lives as she can through group coaching and wellness retreats.

Here at Shine, Shanna wears many hats, helping out with social media, marketing, event planning and more. She more works behind the scenes, but you may see her bright shinning face around the office – so if you do, say hello :)