Stephanie Greunke

Registered Dietitian

Stephanie Greunke is a registered dietitian with a master’s degree in nutrition and health promotion. She has certifications in holistic wellness from the National Institute of Whole Health and a personal training certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Stephanie loves using the principles of naturopathic medicine when working with her clients. She uses functional testing, a comprehensive 1 hour initial assessment, and the client’s goals and desires to develop a customized Health Plan. Her Health Plan not only includes dietary recommendations, but fitness, stress and sleep management techniques. She strongly believes in the “food as medicine” approach, but also recognizes the need for intervention at multiple levels.

She is very active in her continuing education in order to provide her clients with the most updated research and nutrition protocols. Instead of giving the same standardized “food guide pyramid” style recommendations, Stephanie uses alternative nutrition techniques to get to the root cause of the health breakdown.

Stephanie understands that one’s diet can be affected by emotional, psychological, and spiritual issues. She fully empathizes with her patients because she has had her own personal health and weight struggles. Instead of dictating the treatment, she works with her patients in a team based approach. Her focus is to empower and educate her patients to become the healthiest version of themselves!